This painting by Oskar Koller, entitled Poppies, is so beautiful.  The colours, the lines... everything is gorgeous.  Here is my 'wearable' version of the poppy, a 5" wide brooch in vibrant red!

'Inspiration to reality' is a new series that I am starting in an effort to be more consistant posting entries.  As a post-grad student trying to write a masters thesis in architecture, blog posting on ohso.dainty has unfortunately gotten pushed to the bottom of the pile for a few weeks now!

Please let me know what you think about the new feature.  It was influenced by a website that continues to give me design inspiration (in one form or another) on an almost daily basis,  Thank you so much for coming back to this site again and again.

My 'poppy' is available as a custom order, email ohso.daintydesigns at gmail dot com for information.